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Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals


  • How old do you have to be?
  • You have to be at least 18 years of age to rent a jet ski. However, with the signature of a parent or guardian you can operate the jet ski at 16!
  • What do I need to rent a jet ski?
  • All operators must present a valid photo ID with birthdate and complete a brief Water Safety course.
  • Do I need a credit card to make reservations?
  • Yes, we require a credit/debit to make your reservation. This card is not charged and another form of payment can be used upon arrival. For appointments totaling over $280, we require a 50% deposit to secure your reservation.
  • How early should we arrive?
  • You should arrive approximately 20 minutes early for your experience! We provide a 15 - 20 minute Water Safety course to assure your knowledge of water conditions and boater safety tips. Please be sure to review our orientation checklist before arriving for your reservation.
  • What if it rains and/or storms?
  • We understand that you cannot control the weather and do not penalize you for it! In the event of rain or storm, we attempt to reschedule for another time at your convenience but cancel, at no cost, if a time cannot be arranged.
  • What is your reservation cancellation policy?
  • We understand that unexpected situations can sometimes prevent you from taking a trip that you’ve already planned. If you’re unable to change the time of your reservation and need to cancel, it’s important to contact us. We only require a 24-hour cancellation notice!
  • Are the rental prices rated per person?
  • No! The prices listed are per watercraft and includes fuel and water safety training! There are no hidden fees!
  • How fast are your jet skis?
  • It depends on the water condition and the total weight onboard. At Wilmington Jet Ski Rentals, the skis we rent are capable of going up to 55 miles per hour!